Innovation Design

Easy detach design

Many customers have expeienced difficulty to clean up the heavy duty grease stained which located at the fan and the fuselage. With Athen’s “Easy-Detach Easy-Clean” design, the fan blade sets can be easily detached by simply pulling the base plate sliding latches inward. In some of athen’s series, their exhaust chamber had designed with a layer of coating for easy cleaning purpose.

Build-in design

The “Build-in” design suitable for customers which currently using slide out model’s range hoods or new home decoration. The “Build-in” model stylish, beautiful and with slim outlook. Most of the customers which used slide out model’s range hoods before did not need to modify their cupboard and can select to use a new model with higher suction power (Each side of the motor has 2500 rpm in Maximum, synchronous reverse design). Accessories (i.e. Fan blade, oil pan) are easily detach for cleaning. LED light system can provide extra brightness to the kitchen.

Smart Auto

Cleaning System design

We understand that users are busy on their job and have less time to do the housework. The range hood with heat degreasing and auto cleaning function can fully match the requirement of urban citizen. Just fill in water and press a button, the grease can be dissolved. After that the strong spray nozzle will fully clean up both sides of fan blade. The whole cleaning process just take around 15 minutes. Users could clean the accessories like oil cup, oil plate and fan protection net with ND-150 manually if necessary.

Chloe Series

First introduced Italy’s design and production, with the combination of aesthetics and operational capacity. Aluminium grease filter can be easily detached which allows more convenient on cleaning. Extra toughened glass smoke shield prevents smoke and oil from spreading around. Can choose exhaust mode, or re-circulation mode which through a quick-fit carbon filter to filter the air and recirculate into the kitchen. 3 motor speeds to fit different needs. Through the high quality products, we wish to let Hong Kong consumers have a higher level of choice


Wing Hing is highly concerned on the customer service level. In addition to own our designers and vendors, we also establish professional service team which responsible for all the maintenance and warranty services. The advantage is that we can collect customer's feedback directly, and apply to our new design products. This can keep improvement on quality level, and develop better products.


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